Hi, there
I'm Katie

I’m a Sales & Communications Coach and, before you roll your eyes, let me share something with you. I think ‘sales’ can be a four-letter word because no one likes to be ‘sold to.”

About you

You don't identify as a 'salesperson.'

In fact, selling is the last thing you want to do because it feels awkward, aggressive and pushy. You may not even be a people person and prefer to avoid conversations and confrontation. You’re a lawyer, financial expert, graphic designer, engineer, artist, or maybe even a health coach. Whatever you do, you are a professional who values integrity and information.

You also need to grow your business. You need new clients, repeat clients or to train your team and the same old sales process trainings just aren’t working.

You are in the right place.

About me

You are in the right place

Someone you trust must have referred you here, or perhaps you stumbled across this page because you need to up your 'selling game' to find new customers. Or you need to increase repeat customers. 

From handling small talk to ‘Zoom sweats’, I teach people how to sell with confidence across written, verbal and F2F platforms. I want you to rock that first meeting with a potential customer and still feel like yourself while doing it.

Yes, there’s a process to selling but it only works if you have the right mindset.

And here’s the secret, selling isn’t about convincing. It’s about connecting.

I'm Katie Armentrout, sales & communications coach

If there's one thing
I know in life, it's people.

And people want to be heard and valued.

Whether you are selling a multi-million dollar program or a $10 t-shirt out of the back of your garage, every customer starts with a connection to you, your product or your brand. Nurturing this connection leads to stronger customer relationships and, over time, deeper customer loyalty.

Why is this important in business? Because it’s awkward to go from ‘Hi, I’m Katie’ to ‘Will you buy my product?’ without some type of connection. No one want to be ‘sold to’ and reciting features and benefits will only get you so far.

It all starts with your mindset.

I teach people how to overcome their fear of selling (aka fear of rejection and/or judgement), so you can improve confidence and build trust with customers.

Your mindset is like a muscle, which you can strengthen with practice. My goal is for you to confidently sell your products, but still feel like yourself while doing it.

Coaching, Training
& Speaking

Invest in yourself. Invest in your team.

From teams of 1 to 1,000+, you can book Katie for 1:1 Coaching, Team Training Sessions or to speak at your next Conference. It all start with a FREE consultation to see what's best for you.

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